Mark Lawrenson

Mark Lawrenson
Mark Lawrenson.jpg
Name Mark Thomas Lawrenson
Age 57
Nation EnglandFlag.png England
Series in Pro Evo PES 2008
PES 2009
PES 2010

Mark Lawrenson is one of the commentators for PES 2008, PES 2009 and PES 2010 alongside Jon Champion, he is a BBC pundit in real life. His reign came to an end when he will be replaced by Jim Beglin in PES 2011.

He replaced the former co-commentator, Trevor Brooking.

[edit] Quotes

Lawro is known for his humourous, yet ridiculous quotes and phrases such as:

[edit] PES 2009

  • "The keeper needs to have an operation to have his hands sewn back on"
  • "When it came to him he was like a cow in a field!"
  • "Now I don't teach my gran to suck eggs, but I always knew they could win this game".
  • "Call himself a keeper? He couldn't keep bees!"
  • "He's got a better dribble than your baby, Jon!"
  • "He could probably open a can of beans with his left foot"
  • "Remind this fella don't catch my wages 'cause he can't he's absolutely hopeless."
  • "What a stoomer that is. Good goal mind."
  • "Hurry up Jon, they're about to lock the stadium up."

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