Marseille Roulette

Marseille Roulette is a skill performed in PES by rotating the left analogue stick in either a clock wise or anti clockwise rotation. This would then vary the foot the player would use.


[edit] Before PES 2010

The skill was original performed if you had a specific dribble accuracy and therefore most players could perform the skill.

[edit] PES 2010

In real life this trick isn't as commonly performed as portrayed in PES therefore you now have to have the card to be able to perform the skill.

[edit] Variations

There are two types of Marseille Roulette:

[edit] Normal

  • Normal Marseille Roulette the normal two footed version of the skill. Either performed with the right or left foot first.

[edit] One Footed

  • One footed Marseille Roulette a unique style performed by only a few players such as Carlos Tevez and Marcelo. This is performed by in the same way as normal however the player will only use one foot to move in a 360 degrees direction. Thus confusing the defenders into think he is only going in a 180 degrees direction.

NB: These two tricks have separate cards and therefore both cannot be activated at the same time.

[edit] Tutorial

The Marseille Roulette is shown from 6:48 to 7:16.
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