Master League Youths

The develepment curve of ML Youth player 'Kaiser' on PES 6

In Pro Evolution Soccer's Master League Mode, gamers will encounter fictional young players often called 'Master League Youths' by PES devotees. In older versions of the game (before PES 2010), these players appeared as 17-year-old "newcomers" during the winter transfer window. In newer versions (PES 2010-onwards) these players often pop up in the player's Youth Team.

The majority are often claimed to be impressive developers, with overall ratings plateauing between 85 and 95. Throughout the Pro Evolution Soccer series, new Master League Youths are added and removed in each edition of the series, and in some cases youths have been moved into the Master League Defaults.


[edit] PES 2010

PES 2010 was the first edition to include youth teams. Every club had a youth team where these Master League Youth players would feature in. The first season your youth team will comprise of some of the Master League Default Players. Then from the second season onwards, Master League Youth players will appear.

You can sign players from your youth team at any time, however if you choose to sign a player outside of the transfer window, they will join at the next available date.

The better youth team facilities you have, the better players you can produce. On the rare occasion you will find a world class player that can fit straight into your team.

[edit] PES 2012

As usual, Palmieri and Shimizu feature in the youth team as being some of the better players. It is highly recommended to sign both of these players if using the Master League Default Players as they rank miles better than the rest.

[edit] Palmieri

Palmieri is a young Italian centre back. Despite being a relatively slow defender, he does have 80 Defence and 76 Header Accuracy so he can form a strong back-line for your team. He is also very young so he has plenty of time to develop into a very good player.

[edit] Shimizu

Shimizu is a Japanese winger. He has the highest overall rating when starting the game in the youth team with 77. He is highly recommended for any team due to his pace and fast dribbling. Furthermore, he is considered to be both footed which can be useful for your side. He is however very small.

[edit] Players

Recent examples of Master League Youths drafted to the Master League Default team include El Moubarki and Gutierrez. Along with Master League Youths, players who retire at the end of a season, will 're-generate' during the mid-season transfer window of the following season, as a 17-year-old like the Youths. These players however keep their original name, and often follow a similar development curve to that of their pre-retired state.

Many PES fans see the Master League Youths, as a great addition to the series, and Youths such as Schwarz, Bos, Shimizu, Chapi, Orellano and Kaiser have received a legend like status with PES fans.

These players have appeared in one or more editions of the game.

Pos. Nat. Name
DMF.png FinlandFlag.png Aaltonen
CF.png EgyptFlag.png Abdel Salam
GK.png ArgentinaFlag.png Acosta
CMF.png FranceFlag.png Adam
GK.png TurkeyFlag.png Ahmet
SMF.png RussiaFlag.png Alexeev
GK.png ItalyFlag.png Amato
WF.png FranceFlag.png Andre
SB.png PortugalFlag.png Andre
GK.png EnglandFlag.png Andrews
GK.png NetherlandsFlag.png Arts
SMF.png EnglandFlag.png Baker
CMF.png ItalyFlag.png Baldini
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Barth
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Baumann
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Benedetti
SB.png FranceFlag.png Benon
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Berger
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Bianchi
SB.png CroatiaFlag.png Bilic
CMF.png AustraliaFlag.png Boffa
GK.png ItalyFlag.png Bonomi
GK.png BrazilFlag.png Borges
CB.png NetherlandsFlag.png Bos
CF.png CroatiaFlag.png Bosnjak
CB.png FranceFlag.png Bouquet
CMF.png EnglandFlag.png Bradley
GK.png USAFlag.png Buchanan
CF.png RomaniaFlag.png Buga
SB.png ArgentinaFlag.png Bustos
CB.png ArgentinaFlag.png Cabrera
CMF.png SpainFlag.png Camacho
AMF.png SpainFlag.png Cano
CF.png EnglandFlag.png Carter
CF.png ItalyFlag.png Caruso
SMF.png TurkeyFlag.png Cem
CMF.png MexicoFlag.png Cervantes
SMF.png CostaRicaFlag.png Chacon
CF.png SpainFlag.png Chapi
DMF.png South KoreaFlag.png Che Hyon Hon
CF.png South KoreaFlag.png Cho Jin Wha
DMF.png NorthernIrelandFlag.png Clarke
CF.png FranceFlag.png Clement
AMF.png ChileFlag.png Cocio
CB.png IrelandFlag.png Conwey
GK.png EnglandFlag.png Cooper
GK.png BelgiumFlag.png Cuypers
DMF.png ItalyFlag.png De Rosa
CB.png GreeceFlag.png Delios
DMF.png GermanyFlag.png Dietrich
CF.png SpainFlag.png Diez
SB.png NetherlandsFlag.png Doesburg
DMF.png IrelandFlag.png Duffy
GK.png FranceFlag.png Dupont
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Eckstein
SB.png MoroccoFlag.png El Moubarki
CF.png TurkeyFlag.png Engin
AMF.png SpainFlag.png Espinosa
AMF.png FranceFlag.png Ettori
GK.png ParaguayFlag.png Fatecha
CB.png FranceFlag.png Fernandez
WF.png AustriaFlag.png Feurer
SB.png GermanyFlag.png Fischer
GK.png SerbiaFlag.png Franovic
SB.png DenmarkFlag.png Frederiksen
GK.png SwedenFlag.png Fredriksson
SB.png ItalyFlag.png Fusco
SMF.png ItalyFlag.png Gambino
CF.png EnglandFlag.png Gibson
SB.png BrazilFlag.png Goncalves
SMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Gottwald
SB.png ScotlandFlag.png Graham
WF.png WalesFlag.png Griffiths
SB.png FranceFlag.png Guegan
SB.png BrazilFlag.png Guimaraes
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Gunther
CF.png SpainFlag.png Gutierrez
CMF.png SpainFlag.png Herrero
SMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Hoekstra
SB.png GermanyFlag.png Hoffmann
SB.png GermanyFlag.png Holzer
GK.png South KoreaFlag.png Hong Yon Nam
GK.png GermanyFlag.png Huber
SMF.png PortugalFlag.png Hugo
CB.png South KoreaFlag.png I Chol Yon
CF.png South KoreaFlag.png I Gyon Fun
DMF.png GreeceFlag.png Ioannidis
CB.png EnglandFlag.png Jackson
GK.png NetherlandsFlag.png Jacobs
CB.png DenmarkFlag.png Jacobsen
CB.png PolandFlag.png Jasinski
CB.png FranceFlag.png Jean
AMF.png SerbiaFlag.png Jovancevic
SMF.png ArgentinaFlag.png Juarez
CMF.png GermanyFlag.png Kaiser
CF.png SouthAfricaFlag.png Khumalo
CF.png South KoreaFlag.png Kim Cyun Hi
CB.png South KoreaFlag.png Kim Jon Yeol
CB.png South KoreaFlag.png Kim Myon U
GK.png South KoreaFlag.png Kim U Don
SB.png JapanFlag.png Kobayashi
SMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Koeman
CF.png CameroonFlag.png Komo
DMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Kooistra
DMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Kox
GK.png GermanyFlag.png Kremer
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Kruger
CMF.png FranceFlag.png Leclerc
CF.png NorwayFlag.png Lien
GK.png GermanyFlag.png Lindner
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Lorenz
SB.png ItalyFlag.png Luciani
CMF.png BrazilFlag.png Machado
SMF.png FranceFlag.png Marchand
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Marchetti
SMF.png FranceFlag.png Martel
CF.png CroatiaFlag.png Matic
SMF.png JapanFlag.png Matsumoto
CB.png SwedenFlag.png Mattsson
DMF.png ScotlandFlag.png McKenzie
GK.png SpainFlag.png Menendez
CMF.png SpainFlag.png Merino
CMF.png BelgiumFlag.png Mertens
SB.png EnglandFlag.png Mitchell
CF.png TunisiaFlag.png Mokrani
CF.png ItalyFlag.png Morini
AMF.png FranceFlag.png Moulin
WF.png EnglandFlag.png Murray
AMF.png BrazilFlag.png Nascimento
GK.png SpainFlag.png Navarro
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Neumann
CMF.png EnglandFlag.png Newman
AMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Nijkamp
CF.png SerbiaFlag.png Nikolic
SB.png BulgariaFlag.png Nikolov
SMF.png IranFlag.png Noushevar
CF.png IrelandFlag.png O’Sullivan
DMF.png EnglandFlag.png Oliver
CF.png ArgentinaFlag.png Orellano
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Orlandi
AMF.png ItalyFlag.png Orlandi
AMF.png SpainFlag.png Oscar
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Palmieri
CF.png South KoreaFlag.png Park Jyun Hi
SMF.png SpainFlag.png Pelaez
AMF.png ItalyFlag.png Pellegrini
CB.png FranceFlag.png Perrin
SB.png NetherlandsFlag.png Postma
CF.png UruguayFlag.png Prandini
DMF.png SpainFlag.png Prieto
GK.png SpainFlag.png Ramon
DMF.png EnglandFlag.png Reeves
CMF.png FranceFlag.png Renard
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Ribeiro
GK.png FranceFlag.png Riou
AMF.png ArgentinaFlag.png Rivero
GK.png ColombiaFlag.png Rolong
CF.png EnglandFlag.png Rowland
SB.png SpainFlag.png Rubio
SMF.png ItalyFlag.png Russo
CF.png SaudiArabiaFlag.png Sahafi
AMF.png GreeceFlag.png Samaras
SB.png JamaicaFlag.png Samuels
DMF.png SpainFlag.png Sanz
DMF.png JapanFlag.png Sasaki
CB.png GermanyFlag.png Schmidt
CF.png GermanyFlag.png Schwarz
CB.png SpainFlag.png Serrano
SMF.png EnglandFlag.png Shaw
AMF.png JapanFlag.png Shimizu
GK.png NigeriaFlag.png Shittu
SMF.png UkraineFlag.png Shubin
CMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Siegl
DMF.png EnglandFlag.png Simpson
CF.png BrazilFlag.png Soares
SB.png SpainFlag.png Soler
GK.png BrazilFlag.png Solimar/Solimero
CMF.png PortugalFlag.png Sousa
SB.png EnglandFlag.png Spencer
CMF.png ItalyFlag.png Spinelli
WF.png UkraineFlag.png Stoyanov
CB.png HungaryFlag.png Szalai
CF.png JapanFlag.png Takahashi
CF.png BelgiumFlag.png Thijs
SMF.png FranceFlag.png Traore
CMF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Van den Berg
CF.png NetherlandsFlag.png Van der Meer
SB.png NetherlandsFlag.png Van Dijk
CB.png ItalyFlag.png Vitali
SB.png EnglandFlag.png Walton
GK.png ChinaFlag.png Wang Mingwei
SMF.png AustriaFlag.png Weber
AMF.png FranceFlag.png Wiart
AMF.png EnglandFlag.png Wilkins
GK.png GermanyFlag.png Wolf
GK.png EnglandFlag.png Wood
AMF.png JapanFlag.png Yamada
CMF.png RussiaFlag.png Yegorov
CF.png RussiaFlag.png Zakharov
CF.png ArgentinaFlag.png Zarate

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