Michael Laudrup

Michael Laudrup
Name Michael Laudrup
Age 50
Nation DenmarkFlag.png Denmark
Position AMF CMF
Former Club Squad No. 10
Former Nation Squad No. 10
Key stats -
Previous Clubs Brondby
Real Madrid
Vissel Kobe

Michael Laudrup is a retired Danish midfielder who played for clubs such as Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid. He currently manages Swansea.

[edit] PES 3 and 4

He appears as an Unlockable player in PES 3 and 4 with the fake name Miquel Randlef

[edit] PES 5-2012

He appears as an Unlockable player in PES 5 through to PES 2012 with the fake name Mil Landelef

[edit] Gallery

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