Mikael Silvestre

Not to be confused with Matias Silvestre
Mikael Silvestre
Name Mikaël Samy Silvestre
Age 37
Nation FranceFlag.png France
Position LB
Club Squad No. 16
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Defence - 77
Body Balance - 84
Stamina - 78
Previous Clubs Manchester United

Mikael Silvestre is a French defender who plays for Werder Bremen.

[edit] Previous PES Installments

In all Pro Evolution games he has appeared for Manchester United until PES 2009 after his transfer to North London. It is worth noting he has an injury proneness of C in most PES games.

[edit] PES 2011

Silvestre appears for Arsenal despite being released by the club in the summer. He needs to be registered to Werder Bremen who make their next-gen debut. He features an overall rating of 77 and with the ability to play at left back and centre back he is deemed a good short term signing.

[edit] Gallery

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