Nadir Belhadj

Nadir Belhadj
Nadir Belhadj.jpg
Name Nadir Belhadj
Age 32
Nation AlgeriaFlag.png Algeria
Position LB
Club Squad No. 39
Nation Squad No. 3
Key Stats Top Speed - 83
Dribble Speed - 86
Long Pass Speed - 87
Previous Clubs Olympique Lyonnais

Nadir Belhadj is an Algerian defender who currently plays for Al Sadd. Belhadj is the preferred choice for the left back position at Pompy following a permanent switch from RC Lens. He is a solid defender who adds pace and skills into his game earning him many plaudits and one of the best sets of default stats for a left back.

[edit] PES 2010

He is only available after the November Update. He features the card, Overlapping Run where at the given opportunity, he will sprint forward to help overlap the defence.

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