Nihat Kahveci

Name Nihat Kahveci
Age 38
Nation TurkeyFlag.png Turkey
Position SS, SMF, AMF, WF
Club Squad No.
Nation Squad No.
Key stats (PES 2011) Agility - 85
Shot Power - 85
Aggression - 85
Previous Clubs Real Sociedad

Nihat Kahveci is a former Turkish international striker.

[edit] PES 2008

He has a peak of 92 in Master League mode which is long lasting. This makes him ideal for beginners as he is quite close to his peak at the start.

[edit] PES 2010

Similarly to Halil Altintop his stats have decreased dramatically. His dribbling stats have decreased below 80, however he does still have decent shooting skills. He also has decent speed however he is quite a weak player. He's also capable of performing the Marseille Roulette.

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