Oliver Bierhoff

Oliver Bierhoff
Oliver Bierhoff.jpg
Name Oliver Bierhoff
PES Age 29
Nation ClassicGermany.png Classic Germany
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 2003
Key stats Attack - 90
Body Balance - 89
Header - 98

Oliver Bierhoff is a German former footballer. He played as a striker and had a significant spell at AC Milan where he partnered Andriy Shevchenko. However it is for his country Germany where he became a true household name scoring more than a goal every 2 games. Bierhoff is now situated in the Classic Germany team alongside greats such as Franz Beckenbauer and Jurgen Klinsmann.

[edit] ISS

This era was his prime time, he was considered one of the best target men in the world and always had 19 heading (the maximum back then) and therefore made him a dangerous threat in the air with his pin-point headers.

[edit] PES 2009

In PES 2009 he is known as Bilko and many believe that he helps fill the gap left behind when Gerd Muller was removed from the Classic Germany team for reasons unknown.

Bierhoff with the "Rossoneri"
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