Other Teams (Europe)

Other Teams (Europe)
Europa Other League.png
Full Name Other Teams (Europe)
PES Name Europa Other Leagues
First Appearance PES 2011
Number of teams 30

The Other Teams (Europe) is a hidden league which first appeared in PES 2011 which contains 30 fictional teams with fictional players. The clubs fills in the missing license's for the Champions League play offs. As of PES 2017 the league becomes fully customizable allowing user to modified and add the likeness of the teams that are missing in Champions League and Europa League.

[edit] Clubs

Some clubs were transferred from now defunct WE League.

[edit] PES 2017

Nationality Club Name
Austria FK Odersteich
Austria Pabrowiestein
Belgium KVC Meirkugaurt
Bulgaria Alashergokh F.C.
Croatia F.K. Ljemorac
Cyprus Marchidegna
Cyprus Mythloxanthi
Czech Verwestadt S.V.
Denmark Hjorwesland BK
Denmark F.C. Kholugavinsk
Germany Biswerhausen
Germany Creussenburg
Germany Dhroffsmitz
Germany Kochglehmann
Greece A.C. Nitsaloskis
Ireland Kirksburgh City
Norway Maarsfort
Poland FC Meuchawyz
Romania FC Cerchizmajiu
Romania Szekegyvar SC
Scotland Quarpelather City
Serbia NK Ljakovnica
Serbia PFC Ryagzhilograd
Sweden Jorudberg FF
Sweden FK Kyljmeeski
Switzerland A.S. Punoichongaux
Turkey Cantlesir Spor
Ukraine FC Nortovka
Ukraine Vlieergroom

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