Other Teams (Latin America)

Other Teams (Latin America)
Other Latin American Team.png
Full Name Other Teams (Latin America)
PES Name Latin America Other Leagues
First Appearance PES 2011
Number of teams 22

The Other Teams (Latin America) is essentially a rag-tag mix of other club teams from all parts of Latin America.

[edit] PES 2017

The fake Clubs debuts in this edition.

[edit] Clubs

Here are the list of clubs that appear in the league.

Nationality Club Name
Venezuela Cosmopolizia
Bolivia Traperzo
Bolivia Benbacampo
Ecuador Espionorte
Colombia Guidraeniale
Venezuela Huerpojauza
Uruguay Diazagreccio
Uruguay Xavrenaguel
Mexico Chequebero
Paraguay Duzaghalia
Paraguay Wahuchamate
Peru Quimrigna
Peru Huatyncan
Bolivia Jobazavar
Ecuador Poquehillo
Colombia Fovragizum
Ecuador Contaquipura
Paraguay Etamuaranies
Peru Ayatohua
Uruguay Zagrepaqu
Colombia Floskrule

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