PAS League

PAS League
Full Name PAS League
PES Name PAS Leauge
First Appearance PES 2014
Number of teams 20

The PAS League is a fictional league which debuts on PES 2014 which contains 20 fictional teams with fictional players. The league and most clubs are usually modified into the J League of Japan since it only appears on the Asian version of the game, Winning Eleven. The league is based in Asia.

PES 2019 will introduce the PEA League, meant to represent East Asian clubs, as a complement for the PAS League to give the player one extra avenue for the AFC Champions League, as the competition has West Asia and East Asia brackets for the playoffs, group stage and knockout stage, until the best of each bracket meet in the final.

[edit] PES 2014

The league debuts in this edition.

[edit] Clubs

Here are the list of clubs that appear in the league.

Nationality Club Name
Australia WE United
Australia Kalaquisong City
China Huangying Quinghsun
India Bharshapur
Indonesia Cersipla Jakarta
Iran Sayramskal
Iran Zangrhan
Japan Altplano Bunan
Japan Fleuve Shimada
Jordan Mouqabaram
Qatar Qatorjan
Saudi Arabia Moratyadi
Saudi Arabia Yaraydeccah
Singapore Fontana City
South Korea Sujung Bada
South Korea Cheonsang Teayang
Thailand Krungthep United
UAE Almorfida
UAE Kharimsharjah
Uzbekistan Qaxoqavoiy
Vietnam Haiphong Athletic


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