PES 2010 Draft League - League Cup

The Draft League is a competition run on Neoseeker. The League Cup is a side off competition that mixes the 3 Divisions to see who's best.


[edit] Teams Participating

Fours teams had a bye into the Second Round:

[edit] Round 1

NB: The bold team denotes which team won the match.
Home Result Away
SSAS 1-0 The Benchwarmers
Against All Odds 0-1 Hangover 96
Henry's Kings 0-1 The Real Saints
Battling Bananaz 0-1 Thornliebank
Substandard Liege 0-1 Vipa FC
AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 1-0 Fratton Faithful
TuS Knoblenz 0-1 Ashton Villa
Jabba Da Hut 0-1 Bayer Neverlusen
Green Army 0-1 Paris Sinner Draftleague.png Paris Sinner
Richmond Park FC 0-1 Borussia Yourteeth
Real Pain.png Real Pain 0-1 FK Aquacadets
VfL WolfsburgerLogo.png VfL Wolfsburger 1-0 AFC Masterdam

[edit] Round 2

Home Result Away
Meshuggah FC 0-0

3 PK 2

Lanesra.png Lanesra Club de Futbol
Paris Sinner Draftleague.png Paris Sinner 0 AET 1 Bayer Neverlusen
AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 0-0

2 PK 1

Chelskiman's Champs 0-0

4 PK 2

Borussia Yourteeth
Ashton Villa 1-1

3 PK 4

Vipa FC
Thornliebank 0-0

1 PK 3

Hangover 96
FK Aquacadets 0-1 VfL WolfsburgerLogo.png VfL Wolfsburger
Bergamo Forza 0-1 The Real Saints

[edit] Round 3

Home Result Away
The Real Saints 1-2 Bayer Neverlusen
Hangover 96 0-0

3 PK 1

VfL WolfsburgerLogo.png VfL Wolfsburger
Chelskiman's Champs 0-2 Meshuggah FC
AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 2-0 Vipa FC

[edit] Semi-Final

Home Result Away
Bayer Neverlusen 0-0
0 PK 3
Hangover 96
AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 2-0 Meshuggah FC

[edit] Final

Home Result Away
Hangover 96 - AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City

[edit] Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
BrazilFlag.png R.Oliveira AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 3
SpainFlag.png Reyes Ashton Villa 2
SwitzerlandFlag.png Barnetta Bayer Neverlusen 1
SpainFlag.png David Villa FK Aquacadets 1
UruguayFlag.png Chevanton AtlanticCity.jpg Atlantic City 1
EnglandFlag.png Joe Cole Bayer Neverlusen 1
NetherlandsFlag.png Van Bommel Bayer Neverlusen 1
EnglandFlag.png Lampard Borussia Yourteeth 1
IvoryCoastFlag.png Drogba Hangover 96 1
BrazilFlag.png Adriano Correia Meshuggah FC 1
ItalyFlag.png Iaquinta Meshuggah FC 1
FranceFlag.png Benzema Paris Sinner Draftleague.png Paris Sinner 1
BrazilFlag.png Vagner Love S.S.A.S. 1
FranceFlag.png Gignac The Real Saints 1
IcelandFlag.png E.Gudjohnsen The Real Saints 1
EnglandFlag.png Walcott Thornliebank 1
ItalyFlag.png Di Vaio Vipa FC 1
IrelandFlag.png Duff Vipa FC 1
CameroonFlag.png Eto'o VfL WolfsburgerLogo.png VfL Wolfsburger 1
UruguayFlag.png Forlán VfL WolfsburgerLogo.png VfL Wolfsburger 1

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