PES League

PES League
PES League.png
Full Name PES League
PES Name PEU Leauge
First Appearance PES 2011
Number of teams 20 (previously 18)

The PES League is a league which first appeared in PES 2011 which contains 18 fictional teams with fictional players. The league and most clubs are usually modified into the Bundesliga or any other Major Leagues that are not included in the game. They are the weakest league in the league rankings in Master League where only 2 clubs can qualify for the Champions League, but 4 in the Europa League. This league hides some gems, and are easy to sign.

[edit] Clubs

Here are the list of clubs that appear in the league. Theeselvargen are said to be the strongest club and the weakest team is Xakoulagos. Next to the teams are the teams suggested country, though not confirmed.

[edit] PES 2014

The league has been renamed the PEU League, and has seen Kriedbach and Lengerblitz join the league and bring the team count up to 20 teams.

[edit] PES 2016

PES United Join the League

Nationality Club Name
Germany PES United
Germany Almchendolf
Germany Ehrenhofstadt
Germany Fineseeberg
Germany Kriedbach
Germany Lengerblitz
Greece Xakoulagos
Greece Herismakhgia
Portugal Marguaparrena
Portugal Serignaluca
Romania Celuvaris
Romania Tedloghec
Russia Waryamosuk
Russia Nakhqachev
Scotland Saintragler
Scotland Blookrows
Turkey Mrabspor
Turkey Trunecan
Ukraine Nelapoltsk
Ukraine Gharnetova

Other inclusions to the PEU League have been:

Nationality Club Name
Germany Theeselvargen


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