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[edit] PES Shop

The PES Shop has been present on the game since Pro Evolution Soccer 3. This feature has unfortunately been left out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 installments much like the World Tour game mode however it will make a comeback in PES 2011.

[edit] Items for Sale

  • The PES Shop gives players the oppurtunity to purchase players that have retired recently, are legends of the game, or who play for a team not included in the game in the Players section. When a player has retired, he is given default stats related to his ability at his peak, rather than when he retired. Players ranging from Roy Keane and Gheorghe Hagi to Kevin Kuranyi and Quinton Fortune can be purchased for 150 PES Points.
  • Another favourite that can be bought from the Shop are Classic Teams. These are teams consisting of the greatest players of a certain nationality of all time. The teams included are Classic Germany, Classic France, Classic England, Classic Italy, Classic Netherlands, Classic Brazil and Classic Argentina. When a player of suitable ability retires, they are put into their respective Classic Team. ie. New additions this year were Alan Shearer and Dennis Bergkamp to England and Netherlands respectively. All of the players have fake names assigned to them by Konami. Classic Teams can be bought for 1000 PES points.
  • Other items that can be bought are new Camera Angles, New Screen Themes, Double Speed Matches [Matchplay moves at twice the regular pace], New Appearance Traits [usually Dog Heads], and the ability to play in Penguin Suits or on Dinosaurs
  • Many people were disappointed when PES discontinued the option of buying a new harder difficulty level, The 6 star (*) difficulty rating. Since the Star Rating was gotten rid of in PES6, there was no place for the 6 star option.

[edit] PES Points

PES Points are achieved by winning games in PES. You get more points if you win competitions in Master Leagues, Win Leagues or Cups and completing stages in Training. A well-known method of "beating the system" and getting more PES Points is to save your game before the final of a Cup. Every time you win you get a reward sum of PES Points, that are instantly saved. You can then go on to reload the game and win the cup again, gaining the same amount of points again.

[edit] Unlockable Players

These are players who are strong and famous, or have appeared previously, but play for a club not in the game and are not present in their national team, or players who are currently without a club. PES Shop players also features retired players who do not feature in the Classic Squads. You can purchase these players using PES Points aquired. Below is a list of unlockable players from previous installments of the game.

[edit] PES 2013

A new system was added in the 2013 version. The option of buying classic teams is not available anymore since they are already included. Instead, the shop was added in the Master League and in the Become a Legend(¿). In the master league you can buy: Training points, condition points, experience points for positions etc. EXPAND.

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