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Below is a list of trivial information that have occured during the series' history.


[edit] Wrong Club

In the early PES games, many summer transfers and retirements did not feature in the game with the exception of high-profile signings (eg. Real Madrid's squad on PES3 included David Beckham, although Manchester United's squad still featured the retired Laurent Blanc). As the series progressed, the squads have been more up-to-date although some players have slipped through the net.

[edit] PES 4

  • Former Ajax defender Hatem Trabelsi was in the Arsenal roster in PES4 despite never actually signing for the club. He was only on trial there during the Summer of 2004.

[edit] PES 2008

[edit] PES 2009

[edit] Spelling Errors

  • West Ham United's John Paintsil has his name down as Pantsil. Although this is due to a Home Office error, where they registered him as Pantsil for his work permit in 2006. The game player can accurately change this by changing his player name to the correct spelling of Paintsil, but his Name on Shirt option to Pantsil to reflect life.
  • Oliver Kahn was named Kalm as a result of Kahn holding the rights to his image.
  • Asamoah Gyan's name is wrongly ordered as Gyan Asamoah, due to his shirt name being Asamoah during his time at Udinese.
  • Cesar Villaluz is wrongly known as C. Martínez, his mother's surname.
  • Thomas Rasmussen was wrongly known as Schultz. However this would have been correct between 1998 and 2003, the year he changed his surname back to Rasmussen. This was later fixed.
  • Adrian Lopez is wrongly known as Piscu, although his nickname it was never used as a shirt name.

[edit] PES 2010

[edit] PES 2011

NB: One thing to note is that names which are originally written with a different writing system (such as Cyrillic, Korean, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew) may have more than one way of being transliterated when using the Latin alphabet.

[edit] Wrong Age

[edit] PES 4

[edit] PES 2011

  • Marcelinho from Sao Paulo was put as age 18 despite being 35 in real life

[edit] Incorrect Skin Colour

[edit] PES 4

  • On PES 4, former Chelsea goalkeeper Yves Makabu Ma-Kalambay was portrayed as a Caucasian man, when he is in fact black and of Congolese decent. On the same game, Anthony Vanden Borre was given skin colour 1 when it's in fact closer to 3, this was fixed since then. Similarly Trinidad and Tobago international Carlos Edwards is portrayed as a white player for no apparent reason along with the Brazilian preset faced footballer Cesar Aparecido Rodrigues and Brazilian-born Poland international Roger Guerreiro. Lastly, Danny Simpson's skin tone appears to be too light as he should at least be a skin tone 3.
  • Sören Colding is another victim of being portrayed as dark-skinned. It is more closer to one.
  • In older versions of PES, Luis Hernandez of Mexico was portrayed as brown skinned, he is in fact Caucasian.

[edit] Pre-2008

[edit] PES 2008

[edit] Super Cruyff

[edit] Nationality Errors

  • Occasionally, the producers of Pro Evolution Soccer make mistakes concerning the nationalities of some players. This may be due to the player being eligible for more than one nation, and having not picked a country before the release date of the game.

Examples of players being registered to the wrong nation are:

  • Ivan Rakitic (Born in Switzerland and played for the Swiss U-21 team before choosing the Croatian national team, registered under Switzerland).
  • Hernan Dellafiore (Argentinian born but represented Italy at youth level, registered under Argentina).
  • Pepe (Born in Brazil, but chose to represent Portugal at international level, registered under Brazil).
  • Fellipe Bastos has been classed as Portuguese despite being Brazilian.
  • Jeffren is registered as Venezuelan although he represented Spain at youth level.

[edit] Bonus GK Ability

  • Throughout the game most outfield players have the GK skills of 50 or in the case of blank players (Player 001, 002 etc.), 60. However, Konami have decided that if a outfield player is forced to play in goal due to an injury to their Goalkeeper, their attribute will be increased to 55 or 60 instead.

Such examples of this are Jan Koller, Glen Johnson, Phil Jagielka, Ulrich Le Pen and also John O'Shea who have all come on to go in goal at times of need.

[edit] Default Team Name Change

  • After Pro Evolution Soccer 2 the Master League Defaults had a huge name upheaval, as all players recieved a small alteration to their names.

These changes were as simple as the changing of one letter, such as the change of playmaker Miranda to Minanda.

[edit] Secret/Bonus Stats for Japan

  • According to some Winning Eleven fans from Japan, they claim that Goalkeepers on the game have some additional stats. These stats comprise of abilities such as throwing speed and distance amongst others. These stats were visible in formation settings on the PS2 games outside of Japan.

[edit] Replays = Goals?

  • On PES4, if you pressed pause when the ball just crossed the line and chose replay, you would get an additional goal for each replay.

[edit] Missing Players

[edit] PES 2009

[edit] Licensed Kit Errors

[edit] PES 3

[edit] PES 6

[edit] PES 2009

  • ADO Den Haag and Slavia Prague have also been been given grey goalkeeper kits, though including club emblem and sponsors but not kit manufacturer.
  • Liverpool's away Premier League font in PES 2009 should have been white with a black outline opposed to red with a black outline. Another error is that the red font is supposed to have a white outline.
  • Ajax is missing two stars above the crest on their jerseys which PSV and Feyenoord manage to have.
  • France were given their old home kit on PES 2009, which changed straight after the European Championships. This was fixed in the November update.

[edit] Sponsors

  • The following teams have their sponsors missing thoughout the series (sponsors in brackets):
    • CFR Cluj (Sigma Towers - PES 2009)
    • Celtic & Rangers (Carling - This is due to alcohol advertising on a game with a 3+ age rating or E for Everyone rating and such advertising being banned in territories such as France, Norway and the United States. Both teams had their sponsor in PES5 though)
    • FC Copenhagen (Carlsberg - Alcohol advertising. Liverpool have the same sponsor but seem to be exempt from this)
    • Udinese (Lotto - PES 2009 - Already features on the kit due to them being their kit manufacturers. Sponsor later unveiled to be Dacia)
    • RCD Mallorca (Illes Ballears - PES 2009)
    • Bayern Munich (T-Home - PES 2008)
    • FC Barcelona (Unicef - PES 6 - This was because the season was well underway when they acquired it)
    • Sevilla ( - PES 6 - Due to being a gambling company on a 3+ game)

[edit] Licensed English League?

  • In the Japanese version of PES 4, it is said that the Barclays Premier League (or at least Blackburn Rovers) is licensed in the PES 4 Japanese Version.

[edit] Wrong Foot

  • Fabio da Silva is wrongly portrayed as a left footed player despite being right footed.

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