Peter Halmosi

Péter Halmosi
Peter Halmosi.jpg
Name Péter Halmosi
Age 35
Nation HungaryFlag.png Hungary
Position SMF
Club Squad No. 16
Nation Squad No. 7
Key stats Stamina - 78
Top Speed - 81
Dribble Speed - 78
Previous Clubs

Péter Halmosi is a Hungarian midfielder playing for Hull City.

Halmosi is one of Hull's better players due to his speed but finds it hard to break into the first team playing on the wings because of Kevin Kilbane and Geovanni. However due to Stelios not having the stamina Halmosi usually fills in for him. His versatility is priceless to the club as he can play in the centre of midfield and act as a full back.

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