Pro Evolution Soccer 2

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Platform(s) Playstation, PlayStation 2
Release date 2002
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 3+
Media Optical disc
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (often shortened to PES2) is a football game developed by Konami and was released to the PS2 as well as the PlayStation. The game was released in 2002 and was heavily criticised for not being as good as its predecessor Pro Evolution Soccer. The game also had backwards licensing issues as Manchester United were now called Aragon instead of being called Manchester and more infamously all Dutch players were given a unique number with the name Oranges in front of it aming it near impossible to make out which player was which. Japan were the only team licensed in the game although some teams had correct player names.

[edit] Commentary

The English version featured Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking as commentators. The dialogue was notably buggy, the two often speaking over each other. A long-since discontinued feature was the ability to change the commentary stance - enabling the commentary to be horribly biased either for or against a particular team. For instance, setting the stance to "Player" would result in the Brackley and Brooking being heavily biased towards the user against the AI. As the AI would take a shot, Brackley would shout things like "Go on, stop him!" or simply "Stop him!" Through passes by the AI in the player's half would result in Brackley saying "That's got to be!" Despite the receiving player being visibly onside. Most famous was the Trevor Brooking under-breath grunt of exasperation after a string of misplaced passes.

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