Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Wii)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Wii)
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Released 2007
English Teams Licensed Tottenham and Newcastle
Commentators Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was released on the Wii, and had a LOT of differences.


[edit] Controls

Dribbling was done by holding (A) and then moving the cursor around to move the player.

Passing was done by pointing at a player and pressing [B].

Shooting was done by swinging the NunChuk.

Tackling was done by pressing A on an opponent.

The penalty saving was done by swinging Wii and Nunchuk remotes a certain way. The penalties themselves would by took by pointing at an area and swinging the Nunchuk.

[edit] Starting the game

It was like the Windows XP start-up, only it had no icons. You clicked A on your name, and then you enter your account to play the game.

[edit] Wi-Fi

It allowed Wi-Fi connection using NINTENDO WFC. If you are using the European versions, you can only compete with people over Europe.

[edit] Champions Road

The ML mode was replaced by Champions Road. You had part of the Default squad and you swapped players when you won a match.

[edit] Edit Mode

  • - Edit team name
  • - Edit player name and shirt name

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