QatarFlag.png Qatar.png
Team Name Qatar
Stadium Khalifa International Stadium
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium
Manager BrazilFlag.png Paulo Autuori
Captain Wesam Rizik
Confederation AFC
Five Star Ranking Rankingstar.png

Qatar are a West Asian national team which made their first appearance in the series in PES 2010. They are one of the strongest sides among Asia and hosted 2011 AFC Asian Cup and will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, being the third Asian nation to host a FIFA World Cup. They have some good players in the likes of Khalfan Ibrahim and Sebastian Soria. They are an unlicensed team, therefore their kits and player names are fake.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. No. Fake Name Name
GK.png 1 Butnen Qasem Burhan
CB.png 3 Kalnazah Mohammed Kasola
CB.png 14 An Gorim Ibrahim Al Ghanim
RB.png 2 Mand Aland Mesaad Ali
LB.png 6 Mey Marnak Meshal Mubarak
CMF.png 4 Qurelo Lawrence Quaye
CMF.png 7 Rionbo Wesam Rizik
SS.png 10 Khayan Ibiom Khalfan Ibrahim
CMF.png 15 An Ilteshi Talal Al Bloushi
RWF.png 20 Yusaf Ausad Yusef Ahmed
CF.png 23 Serlean Sebastian Soria
GK.png 21 Mofmusti Mohammed Mubarak
GK.png 9 Maledif Baba Malik
CB.png 22 Radigo Bilal Rajab
CB.png 13 Altomaero Ibrahim Abdulmajed
CB.png 5 Almur Marcone Amaral
RB.png 18 Khazahdi Hamid Khaleefa
DMF.png 17 Alef Younes Ali
CMF.png 8 Alshaboh Hussain Ali Shehab
LMF.png 11 Fercimar Fabio Cesar
LWF.png 19 Elsaleh Mohamed El Sayed
CF.png 16 Rahamazi Mohammed Razak
CF.png 12 Magro Hanlan Magid Hassan

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