Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao
Name Radamel Falcao García Zárate
Age 32
Nation ColombiaFlag.png Colombia
Position CF, SS
Club Squad No. 9
Nation Squad No. 9
Key stats (PES 2012) Attack - 93
Shot Accuracy - 87
Header - 94
Previous Clubs River Plate
Atletico Madrid
Manchester United

Radamel Falcao is a Colombian international striker who plays for AS Monaco.


[edit] PES 6

This is the first appearance of Falcao in the PES series. He is an unlicensed player named Rajika Rudea in the River Plate team. He has pretty good stats to be a 20 year old forward.

[edit] PES 2008

He is a licensed player named Radamel Garcia.

[edit] PES 2009

In the Master League he has a potential of 90 making him a useful acquisition for Master League players who like to sign hidden gems.

[edit] PES 2010

In real life he moved from River Plate to Porto during the summer market. He has good speed and technique matched with reasonable shooting attributes making him a good striker to buy. He is also 23 years old making have some potential when used in Master League. His overall ability is 70 making him one of Colombia's best players.

[edit] PES 2011

He's a quality player, way better than his stats make out. His default stats are at 80 overall, and is still young and after a few seasons he develops very well after becoming one of Porto's best players in Master League.

[edit] PES 2012

Falcao moved to Atletico Madrid in real life. After winning the top scorer award in the Primeira Liga and his prolific start of the season in Spain, he obtained a stat boost as well as the playstyle cards Goal Poacher and Fox in the Box, making him one of the best out and out strikers in the game.

[edit] PES 2013

Falcao is granted his first preset face after becoming one of the best strikers in the world.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is named after the legendary Brazilian footballer Falcao who is in the Classic Brazil team.
  • In PES 2008 he was notably the only non-Argentinian player in the River Plate squad.

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