Ramon Diaz

Ramón Díaz
Ramon Diaz.jpg
Name Ramón Ángel Díáz
PES Age 22
Nation ClassicArgentina.png Classic Argentina
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 1995
Key stats Attack 86

Agility 84 Shot Accuracy 89

Ramón Díaz is a footballer for Classic Argentina. A lot of people confuse him with Hernán Díaz as he uses the fake name Dioraz however Ramón is a striker while Hernán is a full back. Díaz has never appeared in PES as a licensed player but has featured as part of the Classic Argentina team and he is a useful striker although he faces a lot of competition from the likes of Batistuta and Maradona. Currently he is the manager of Argentinian side River Plate.

Díaz with River
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