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Ronaldo Classic.jpg
Name Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
Age 38
Nation Brazil
Position CF
Key stats (PES 2013) Attack - 97
Shot accuracy - 95
Dribble speed - 95
Previous Clubs Cruzeiro
Inter Milan
Real Madrid
AC Milan

Ronaldo is a retired Brazilian striker who last played for the Brazilian club Corinthians. He has been one of the strongest strikers throughout the history of PES.


[edit] Early PES

He was originally known as Radolno in the earlier games due to licensing issues. He is noted as being one of the few players who has appeared in all the versions of the game since ISS Pro. Early indicators of his impressive stats showed high attacking ability, speed and vicious dribbling. This combined with his lethal finishing including 92 Shot power and 94 in Header (reduced in future installments of PES) made him the most popular player in the game.

[edit] PES 4

After winning the 2002 FIFA World Cup and being the top scorer of the tournament, Ronaldo is considered the best striker of the world and his stats reflect this: he has some amazing ratings, especially 98 in Attack, 95 in Body Balance, 96 in Dribbling Accuracy, 99 in Shot Accuracy (making him the most accurate shooter in PES history) and 97 in Shot Technique.

[edit] PES 2008

He played for the Brazil in all the previous installments, but however has fallen out of favour with the current coach due to lack of form and injuries, however he still makes the in game squad. His stats have deteriorated since he is ageing and is not considered the best player in the world anymore.

[edit] PES 2009

He has also lost his preset face since his departure from the default player list in PES 2009. He only appeared as an unlockable player in PES 2009 named Romeyda. He is considered one of the best strikers in the series.

[edit] PES 2010

He still features in this game but only as an unlockable much like PES 2009. Having grown a year older since the last game he is probably not seen as a good signing anymore and would decrease quite rapidly in Master League.

[edit] PES 2011

In PES 2011, he officially features again due to Corinthians being licensed in the game after the Copa Libertadores was also licensed. He features in the promotional trailer towards the end of that trailer. He also regains his preset face.

[edit] PES 2012

As he's 35 year old now, he'll still have his good striking attributes, however he has lost all his physical abilities.

[edit] PES 2013

He is in the Classic Brazil squad, due to his retirement from football, and since he's classed as a Brazilian legend (2nd highest top scorer for Brazil). He is 20 years old in the squad with an overall rating of (89), his high attributes are Attack (97), Dribble Accuracy (94), Ball Control (92), Shot Accuracy (95), Responsiveness (90), Top Speed (90) and Dribble Speed (95), he is one of the best classic strikers in the game and even better than the original strikers in the present day. (This classic player does not represent the original 20 years old Ronaldo at his FC Barcelona times, it is just a younger made version of the Ronaldo/Romeyda stats from PES 2008/2009).

[edit] Playing Style

Ronaldo plays as a centre forward, usually most effective when playing with an additional striking partner (Shown to great effect in PES 6 playing alongside Adriano in the national team). He is also classed as being overrated due to the fact in real life the player has had severe dips in form, something which is not shown in the game. His injury tolerance however has been accurately represented by the fact one mistimed slide tackle often is enough to take him out a match.

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