Salvador Cabanas

Salvador Cabañas
Name Salvador Cabañas Ortega
Age 34
Nation ParaguayFlag.png Paraguay
Position CF, SS
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No. (PES 2010) 10
Key stats (PES 2010) Attack - 81
Body Balance - 84
Shot Technique - 82
Previous Clubs

Salvador Cabañas is a Paraguayan striker who currently plays for General Caballero in Paraguay. Cabanas was known for being an all-round striker with pace, strength, technique and dribbling ability making him a quality striker.

[edit] Real life assault

In real life Cabanas was assaulted inside a bar in Mexico City in January 2010 and he was shot in the head. He survived and came back to playing football 2 years later but his career, obviously, went down and he disappeared from PES after PES 2010.

[edit] PES 2010

Cabañas appears in the national Paraguay team alongside strikers such as Roque Santa Cruz and Nelson Haedo Valdez. Cabanas however doesn't feature with a club team so does not appear in Master League with his default stats and will only appear in a club youth team.

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