Samir Nasri

Samir Nasri
Name Samir Nasri
Age 30
Nation FranceFlag.png France
Position AMF, SMF, SS, DMF
Club Squad No. 8
Nation Squad No. 11
Key stats (PES 2011) Agility - 87
Dribbling Accuracy - 86
Dribble Speed - 83
Previous Clubs Marseille.png Marseille
Arsenal.png Arsenal

Samir Nasri is a French international attacking midfielder who plays for Manchester City.


[edit] PES 2008

In PES 2008 Nasri is known for his dribbling and crossing ability, he is an ideal winger. Nasri also has very high techniques stats, therefore he can score amazing goals very easily. He also develops into a very good player in the Master League mode. This is the first installment where he receives a Preset Face.

[edit] PES 2009

Nasri appears for Arsenal following a summer transfer and is deemed a very versatile player. He has the ability to play in the defensive midfielder role, while also has been known to be very good cover for the right back position.

[edit] PES 2010

Nasri again features for Arsenal again and appears in their first team and is known to play above his stats and scores a lot of goals when played in the hole just behind the centre forwards making him a good signing to any team in Master League mode.

[edit] PES 2011

Having cemented his place in the first team Nasri receives a minor stat boost and features an overall rating of 79 but is statistically not as good as Tomas Rosicky and Andrei Arshavin but as he is much younger he is still considered a great prospect for the future as he is yet to hit his peak.

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