Sebastien Bassong

Sebastien Bassong
Name Sébastien Bassong
Age 32
Nation CameroonFlag.png Cameroon
Position CB
Club Squad No.
Nation Squad No.
Key stats (PES 2012) Defence - 82
Body Balance - 82
Top Speed - 82
Previous Clubs Metz
Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur

Sébastien Bassong is a French-born Cameroonian defender who plays for Norwich City.


[edit] PES 2009

He is not in the original version of PES 2009 but is included once Version 1.20 is installed.

[edit] PES 2010

Conincedentally he is also not in the original version of PES 2010 but features after the November Update is installed.

[edit] PES 2011

He's given a preset face for the time first time in PES 2011. He is a decent young defender who is usually used in a squad rotation system.

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