Sekou Cisse

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Sekou Cisse
Name Sekou Cissé
Age 29
Nation IvoryCoastFlag.png Ivory Coast
Position CF
Club Squad No. 23
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Attack - 77
Top Speed - 85
Agility - 83
Previous Clubs Roda JC

Sekou Cisse is an Ivorian striker who plays for Feyenoord.

[edit] PES 2009

Cisse is a decent forward and was an important member of the Roda JC squad in PES 2009. Since then he has been called up to the national team and many expect a Preset Face in PES 2010.

[edit] PES 2010

As expected Cisse is included in the Ivory Coast national team and is granted a preset. He also features some impressive stats which make him an ideal back up for Didier Drogba for the national team, and an important first team player for Feyenoord.

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