Serie A TIM

Serie A
Full Name Serie A TIM
PES Name Campionato Italiano
Founded 1898
First Appearance PES 4
Number of teams 20
Most championships Juventus.png Juventus (29)
Current champions Juventus.png Juventus
Master League
Relegation to Serie B
Domestic cup Italian Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League

The Serie A, contains 20 teams that represent the 20 clubs in the Italian first division. The Serie A has been fully licensed since PES 4 although Cagliari was the only team seeming to be unlicensed in PES 5 for unknown reasons. Palermo were also unlicensed in PES 2011 for unknown reasons also in PES 2016 Sassuolo are not licensed the same occurs in PES 2017 as well as Juventus not being Licensed.

[edit] PES 2009

Since PES 2009, Konami seemed to have lost the rights to use the official league name and logo but the licenses for all the teams have remained intact.

Teams that are participating in the 2013-14 Serie A season as of recent are:

Badge Club Name PES Name
Atalanta.png Atalanta N/A
Bologna.png Bologna I Dotti (PES 3)
Bonarche (PES 2015)
Cagliari.png Cagliari Teste di Moro (PES 5)
SR Blue Red (PES 2016)
Catania.png Catania Catedoluna (PES 2015, PES 2016)
Chievo.png Chievo I Mussi (PES 3)
Fiorentina.png Fiorentina Firenze (ISSPE2, PES 1)
Toscana (PES 2)
Genoa.png Genoa N/A
Inter Milan.png Inter Milan International (ISS Pro Evo, ISSPE2, PES 1)
Marche (PES 2)
Longobardi (PES 3)
Juventus.png Juventus Torino (ISS Pro Evo, ISSPE2)
Piemonte (PES 1, PES 2)
PM Black White (PES 2017, PES Collection)
Lazio.png Lazio Lazio (ISS Pro Evo, ISSPE2, PES 1)
Umbria (PES 2)
Livorno.png Livorno L.I.V. Chivorti (PES 2015)
TO Maroon (PES 2016)
AC Milan.png Milan Milano (ISS Pro Evo, ISSPE2, PES 1)
Lombardia (PES 2)
Napoli.png Napoli Naspio (PES Collection)
Parma.png Parma Parma (ISS Pro Evo, ISSPE2, PES 1)
Emilia (PES 2)
AS Roma.png Roma Roma (ISSPE2, PES 1)
Abruzzi (PES 2)
Sampdoria.png Sampdoria N/A
US Sassuolo Calcio logo.png Sassuolo Sansagiulo (PES 2016, PES 2017)
Torino.png Torino N/A
Udinese.png Udinese Triveneto (PES 3)
Verona.png Hellas Verona DL Blue (PES 2017)

Other inclusions to the Serie A have been:

Badge Club Name PES Name
Ascoli.png Ascoli MA Zebra (PES 2017)
Bari.png Bari Bagnaroni (PES 2015, PES 2016, PES 2017)
Brescia.png Brescia Rondinelle (PES 3)
Brutie (PES 2015, PES 2017)
Cesena.png Cesena ER Black White (PES 2016, PES 2017)
Empoli Crest.png Empoli N/A
Lecce.png Lecce N/A
Messina.png Messina N/A
Novara.png Novara PM Blue White (PES 2016, PES 2017)
Palermo.png Palermo Xavrenaguel (PES 2011)
Perugia.png Perugia Tiberina (PES 3)
Prastogna (PES 2015, PES 2016, PES 2017)
PescaraCalcio.png Pescara Pecchiora (PES 2015, PES 2016)
Reggina.png Reggina N/A
Siena.png Siena Spremonese (PES 2015)
Treviso.png Treviso N/A

[edit] Trivia

  • The two-letter code preceding some of the teams' fictional names in PES 2016 and 2017 indicates the Italian region from which each team is:
    • AB = Abruzzo (Teramo)
    • CM = Campania (Benevento, Salernitana)
    • DL = Veneto (Cittadella, Verona)
    • ER = Emilia-Romagna (Carpi, Cesena, SPAL Ferrara)
    • LB = Lombardy (Como)
    • LR = Liguria (Virtus Entella)
    • MA = Marche (Ascoli)
    • PM = Piedmont (Juventus, Novara)
    • SR = Sardinia (Cagliari)
    • TI = Lazio (Frosinone)
    • TO = Tuscany (Livorno, Pisa)

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