In PES 2010 there are several fictional sponsors you get money from. You cannot chose a sponsor you want so you randomly get them. The sponsors pay a certain yearly sponsoring and a bonus for domestic wins.

Often there are more bonuses than they pay you for, for example for winning the Champions League or for winning three times in a row at home.

Sometimes there a conditions they will cancel the contract for example if you get eliminated in the group stage in the Champions League or if one of your key players doesn't play enough games.

In total there are 60 sponsors in different 10 categories:
Airline Company
Insurance Company
Car Manufacturer
Oil Company
Telecommunications Company
Securities Company
Consumer Electronics Company
Travel Agency
Beverages Company
Food Company

[edit] Sponsors

AIR LUXAMPOIR BelgiumFlag.png Airline Company
ALPILATTERIA ItalyFlag.png Food Company
BUCCHASTELLA ItalyFlag.png Insurance Company
CAFFEELABOUROET FranceFlag.png Beverages Company
CALNADOLE CanadaFlag.png Beverages Company
CAMPGUER SpainFlag.png Food Company
CELIBERNOERD FranceFlag.png Insurance Company
CHARLGLEY USAFlag.png Consumer Electronics Company
CLOCKATORS UKFlag.png Travel Agency
COMGRAMFON SpainFlag.png Telecommunications Company
DESLONZES FranceFlag.png Securities Company
DJAMZALIH UAEFlag.png Food Company
BUCCHASTELLA ItalyFlag.png Insurance Company
ELEKTANBA NetherlandsFlag.png Consumer Electronics Company
GREAT-WAZHIL AIRLINE AustraliaFlag.png Airline Company
HEGNETORIC FranceFlag.png Car Manufacturer
HOPPULAS USAFlag.png Beverages Company
HUASHI LIANGYOU ChinaFlag.png Food Company
IZVADRIN AIR CARGO TurkeyFlag.png Airline Company
JAZLLAPICO SpainFlag.png Travel Agency
JETFONFOIRD FranceFlag.png Oil Company
JOGLANE AIRWAYS UKFlag.png Airline Company
LAVOLATECH DenmarkFlag.png Consumer Electronics Company
LESPLINDU FranceFlag.png Consumer Electronics Company
LYONECITY FINANCIAL SingaporeFlag.png Securities Company
MACCAINSBOROUGH AustriaFlag.png Oil Company
MCCAROSEN INSURANCE UKFlag.png Insurance Company
MEDITRANZA ItalyFlag.png Travel Agency
MELKAAS NetherlandsFlag.png Food Company
MIGHTSVON UKFlag.png Food Company
MRVEZLAM GROUP ArgentinaFlag.png Securities Company
NAMGUNGHYANG TOUR NorthKoreaFlag.pngSouth KoreaFlag.png Travel Agency
NEELKAARD FLYING SERVECE NetherlandsFlag.png Airline Company
PACCARTHON UKFlag.png Oil Company
PEGNAROSA ItalyFlag.png Car Manufacturer
PETROILAGAS NetherlandsFlag.png Oil Company
PITTABIANQUA ItalyFlag.png Beverages Company
REUTHWITZ MOBILE GermanyFlag.png Telecommunications Company
REQUAPELLE FranceFlag.png Travel Agency
RIGOVES SKYWAYS USAFlag.png Airline Company
ROGUEHORRA SpainFlag.png Securities Company
ROYALCOMUNHO BrazilFlag.png Telecommunications Company
SALGOZQUA SpainFlag.png Beverages Company
SIGNAUPLANT UKFlag.png Food Company
SKEITZCHER SwitzerlandFlag.png Consumer Electronics Company
SOLCIESTA SpainFlag.png Car Manufacturer
STEINSCHORCH GermanyFlag.png Car Manufacturer
TACCHIGAULI ItalyFlag.png Oil Company
TELE PUZHINIVSK RussiaFlag.png Telecommunications Company
THANONGBURI HOLDINGS ThailandFlag.png Securities Company
TITISTAAR NetherlandsFlag.png Telecommunications Company
VALLAMDAL COMPANY SwedenFlag.png Insurance Company
WALDPESC USAFlag.png Car Manufacturer
WIRLENZ GROUP USAFlag.png Insurance Company
XICZO MexicoFlag.png Travel Agency
ZAALACHSK NetherlandsFlag.png Car Manufacturer
ZAQUERA SpainFlag.png Insurance Company
ZOTTINATA ItalyFlag.png Telecommunications Company

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