Name Stremer
Age 36
Nation Sweden
Position CB
Club Squad No. 2
Key stats Defence - 73
Body Balance - 77
Stamina - 70

Stremer is a fictional player playing with the Master League Default Players. He is from Sweden. Among the defaults his defence and height make him quite a good choice at centre back but after a few seasons better choices will develop. He also has the useful marking special ability.


[edit] PES & PES 2

He had a different name and was known as Stromer.

[edit] PES 3

He was given his current name of Stremer.

[edit] PES 2010

Although a thoroughly average defender statistics-wise, he does possess the Man Marking skill card.

[edit] PES 2012

Though he no longer carries a skill card, his decent Defense and Body Balance make him a useful central defender. His skills begin to decline almost immediately however, which makes him a short-term solution at best.

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