I saw the note about positions -- there are two problems:

1) The info I've been able to find just has "MF" and "DF" listed. They don't have the specific positions listed. I can at least fix some of these, because in the game Onandi Lowe was listed as a defender even though he was a CF when I saw him playing for Kansas City in Major League Soccer.

2) In the older versions of the game, some of the positions are listed differently than the new ones, and we don't have graphics for those. For example, AMF used to be OMF, and CB used to be CBT. This is true at least in the North American versions of the game that I bought here in the states. If someone could make those graphics, it would help both here and on the Master League defaults page.

1) If you're not sure about the specific position, just list 'CB' for a defender and 'CMF' for a midfielder. It's not too big a deal and the position can always be changed later.
2) I'm not sure that's worth the hassle, might be a better idea to add a small note to those pages about those positions.

Reason 12:01, 20 June 2011 (PDT)

OK -- I'll keep that in mind. Another question -- looks like there is a link to Michael Johnson on this page, but it's obviously not the right one. How do we fix that?

That's an interesting one, and one I do not know how to fix. Add a | doesn't seem to do the trick. :/ User:Reason may need to talk to Prom about it. --Whelan 02:00, 21 June 2011 (PDT)
Wait, is this meant to link to a different Michael Johnson, because I can't find a page for one at the moment? Reason 02:11, 21 June 2011 (PDT)
Since his name is Michael Owen Johnson I added a O. between first and surname so that he is not linked anymore to the Man City player. Is it OK? newadventures 08:12, 21 June 2011 (PDT)
Yeah, that's good enough! And Reason, no, he doesn't have a page at the moment, but still there should possibly be a way to redirect using the | function or something. -- Whelan 08:34, 21 June 2011 (PDT)