Why Jo obmitted from pes 2010 with february update? Is Version 1.04 update or downdate? i couldnt understand Konami's staff. Is it too hard? check the team squad correctly... for ex. galatasaray's squad: Cetin Gungor is new added player... he is youth galatasaray's player. he have ever play on galatasaray's first team but Emre Colak is played. so where is the update???? where is emre colak? Emre Colak's style like arda turan and rijkaard gave a chance to him n he taked to the 1st team in reality.

Urm who does Jo play for and is it a team in PES ? Actually I'll check. Okay so he plays for Galatasaray, urm not sure why he isn't in the game but I think Konami will release another patch soon with tons of stuff, but if they don't then I will be disappointed. Whelan 09:07, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

İ a gree with u mate and İ love pes series i played all of them but the raelities... FIFA is better tahn PES on gettign team name, uniform, logo, squad.. i want so much? lil attention Pes(konami) staff lil..

Has he been added again on the PES 2010 Version 1.05 ? --Whelan 10:55, 17 April 2010 (UTC)

yea dude he has been added to the Game (gky39)