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The trick in the video is not the cross-over turn. The cross-over turn movement is the number threee in the video below and can only be performed by players having the card by pressing R1 + 90 degree. For example the trick can be performed by Ibra, C. Ronaldo, Henry, Lanzafame etc. but not by Messi who doesn' t have the card.

I thought number 3 was heel rush ? Whelan 19:59, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

No, I think there is some confusion here about the feints: the quick turn is simply the ability to make a quick 180° turn by pressing R1 and 180 degree. It can be performed only by players with the quick turn card like C. Ronaldo, Berbatov, Malbranque etc but not by players like Messi or Ibra. This is the quick turn

You can easily check that I' m right by doing the cross-over turn with Lanzafame or Ibra: they can perform what you call heel rush or quick turn but they don' t have the card. Furthermore they can' t do what I call the quick turn because they don' t have the quick turn card.

To summarize: -the cross-over turn is a kind of Ronaldo chop that can be performed by pressing R1 + 90° and is the number three of the first video

-the quick turn is the ability to turn quickly and can be seen in this video. It can be performed by pressing R1+180° or just 180°, depends on what you' re doing with the player.

What you called the cross-over turn is just a feint that can be done with all players with a certain level of dribble accuracy. If you remember I corrected a similar mistake abouth the quick scissor dribble. newadventures 20:58, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

But it doesn't make sense for the 'Cross Over Turn' to look like that? And your point here, "You can easily check that I' m right by doing the cross-over turn with Lanzafame or Ibra: they can perform what you call heel rush or quick turn but they don' t have the card." the 'heel rush' isn't even a card. And also, I've seen Ronaldo perform what's called the 'Ronaldo Chop' and it looks just like the 'Cross Over Turn'? They're called the same thing though... Whelan 21:25, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

Well...heel rush is not a card if you call it heel rush. But since heel rush here is linked to "quick turn" and quick turn is a card, then what doesn' t make sense is you say "heel rush is not even a card" because here heel rush and quick turn are synonymous. In this wiki heel rush is just an alternative name givento the quick turn and it' s linked under quick turn ( and in the description there is written "It can only be performed if the player has the correct skill card" and there is a link to the skill cards and if you press quick turn you are linked to heel rush. So if you call heel rush the feint made by Henry in that video it' s okay but just detach this dribble combo from the quick turn that is a total different feint and can be performed only having the right card. Forgive me if I seem arrogant but quick turn is just the quick turn and not this strange combo:

About the cross-over turn: the player changes direction moving the ball with the foot behind, so here' s the "cross-over". You can perform this trick only with players with the card and you can' t peform it with any player that doesn' t have the card even if it' s rating god like Messi. I took Lanzafame as an example of a player with low stats but with the cross over turn card so you can check in the game (go to training mode or play a friendly with Parma) that is the cross over turn and not a movement made by players with high stats. At the same time Messi who has the greatest stats in the world can' t do it because he doesn' t have the card. What you called quick scissor dribble and heel rush are movements made by difficult d-pad combinations in association with r1 or r2 but they are not cards. Cards are about quick movements made with a single combination. Ronaldo chop is a name given to many moves, in pes "ronaldo chop" doesn' t officially exists, and neither does "heel rush", so every pes community gives the name to a different feint. What' s official is that the "quick turn" and the "cross over turn" are the movements I say trust me :) and try them in the game. newadventures 21:44, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

Hmmm, I've noticed the mistake on heel rush, but could you change the other stuff? I'm tired D: Whelan 22:05, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

I' m not very good at linking etc and I didn' t find videos showing the quick turn and the cross over turn only. I can do them my self with fraps and then upload the on tube but i need some time. I'll do the changes in the next days so I can put the video also.