Throw in

A throw in is awarded when the ball crosses the left or right touchlines on the sides.

In PES the throw in is controlled by facing the player where the ball will be thrown. There are 3 types of throw ins that can be taken, they are:

  • Short Throw
  • Through Ball Throw
  • Long Throw


[edit] Pre-PES 2011

[edit] Short Throw

A short throw, taken with X.png on PS2/3 or A.png on 360, will throw the ball directly to one of the players standing near the thrower.

[edit] Through Ball Throw

The through ball throw, performed by pressing Triangle.jpg, which is deliberately thrown in front of a player to make it easier to break with the ball. However this type of throw is hard to perform well and normally ends up with the opposition gaining possession.

[edit] Long Throws

Long throws are best used when in line with, or just out of line with, the penalty area so that the ball enters the box. If you were to aim towards the six yard box, the keeper rarely comes to retrieve it and defenders often don't mark up. Leaving you with a free header very close to goal.

A long throw is done by Circle.png on the PS2/3 or B.png on 360 will throw the ball further.

Players with the long throw special ability like Rory Delap and Daniel Agger excel at long throws.

Unfortunately there is a set distance on long throw pre-PES 2011 and therefore there is no difference between players with the card enabled, unlike in real life where Rory Delap has an exceptional throw. But with the new power gauge, you can set the exact distances of your throw ins.

[edit] PES 2010

In PES 2010, you must have the card Long Throw to make this move effective in Next Gen consoles in PES 2010, or just the special ability in others.

[edit] PES 2011

Due to the new power gauge that was installed on the game, throw ins now have that gauge. The throw is individually taken using the X.png/A.png button.

[edit] Short Throw

You know need to only tap or hold for a short amount of time, holding for too long will initiate a long throw.

[edit] Through Ball Throw

To take a through ball throw, you need to aim slightly to the side of the player.

[edit] Long Throw

To take a long throw, you no longer need to press Circle.png or B.png but X.png/A.png instead. The longer you hold down that button, the farther the ball will be thrown. Players with the long throw card will be able to throw the ball further.

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