Toto Schillaci

Toto Schillaci
Toto Schillaci.jpg
Name Salvatore Schillaci
PES Age 25
Nation ItalyFlag.png Classic Italy
Position CF
Year Professionally Retired 1997
Key stats Attack 86

Response 90 Shot Accuracy 91

Salvatore "Toto" Schillaci (pronounced skill-ATCH-ee) is an Italian former footballer who plays for Classic Italy despite only being on the international scene for just over a year and earning less than 20 caps. He is known as Sjtacchi in the PES series and competes with the likes of Gianluca Vialli and Daniele Massaro for the striker position. The former Juventus and Inter striker can score some good goals and his inclusion in the game is likely to be because of his spell at the Japanese club Jubilo Iwata. However many players would have preferred it if Konami kept the likes of Paolo Rossi in the team instead.

Toto celebrating.
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