United Arab Emirates

UAEFlag.png UAE.png
Team Name United Arab Emirates
Stadium Sheikh Zayed Stadium
Manager UAE Mahdi Ali
Captain Basheer Saeed
Confederation AFC
Five Star Ranking Rankingstar.png

The United Arab Emirates are an Asian side who were first included in PES 2009 to make up the numbers in the Asian Cup. All their players play in the United Arab Emirates Football League (UFL) and have average stats. Their best player is Ismaeil Matar. Many PES players would have preferred a stronger Asian side such as Uzbekistan or Iraq instead in 2009.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. No. Fake Name Name
GK.png 12 Magla Naara Majed Naser
RB.png 8 Juramed Fares Juma
LB.png 14 Basoi Mead Basheer Saeed
CB.png 21 Aslebo Eisa Ahmed
LB.png 17 Jomak Yousef Jaber
DMF.png 5 Aderawi Adel Abbas
DMF.png 3 Hoyakuni Yaqoub Al Hosani
RMF.png 7 Awayba Ali Al Wehaibi
RWF.png 23 Qadrasim Abdulla Qasem
SS.png 10 I. Meiter Ismaeil Matar
RWF.png 11 Odaizou Essa Obaid
GK.png 22 Khroif Ali Khaseif
GK.png 1 Sadawoule Dawoud Sulaiman
CB.png 15 Akamouri Hamdan Al Kamali
CB.png 18 Moulo Abdulla Mousa
RB.png 2 Sezafi Khalid Sebil
RB.png 19 Ghajema Mohamed Ahmed Gharib
RB.png 20 Mokhawzi Mohamed Fawzi
LB.png 6 Walburehe Walid Abbas
DMF.png 4 Supoil Khail Subait Khater
CMF.png 13 Amie Marnak Amir Mubarak
AMF.png 9 Khanathe Mahmoud Khamis
CF.png 16 Khamlleh Ahmed Khalil

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