Unlockable Players in PES 4

Below is a list of each unlockable player on Pro Evolution Soccer 4 along with their real names.

[edit] Other 1

Pos. Fake Name Name
CB.png Ragere SouthAfrica Lucas Radebe
SB.png Irtein Ireland Denis Irwin
GK.png Chilvent Paraguay Jose Luis Chilavert
CF.png Ronaio Brazil Romario
CF.png Amallaso Brazil Marcio Amoroso
CMF.png Imzu England Paul Ince
CF.png Amo USA Freddy Adu
DMF.png Retorro Argentina Fernando Redondo
CF.png Mjatavic Montenegro Predrag Mijatovic
DMF.png Gulangiala Spain Pep Guardiola
CB.png Pile Antenon Sweden Patrik Andersson
CF.png Raddinha Brazil Robinho
WF.png Camirra Argentina Claudio Caniggia
CF.png Baquistata Argentina Gabriel Batistuta
CF.png Sinoi Italy Giuseppe Signori
SMF.png Selce Coleyton Portugal Sergio Conceicao
CF.png Robbie Bazzo Italy Roberto Baggio
WF.png Salicevic Montenegro Dejan Savicevic
CF.png Stjkvic Serbia Dragan Stojkovic
CF.png Puckac Hungary Ferenc Puskas
AMF.png Meiyar Germany Andreas Moller
WF.png Doramori Italy Roberto Donadoni
GK.png Yatin Russia Lev Yashin
CF.png Euserio Portugal Eusebio
CF.png Weba Liberia George Weah
WF.png Besti Northern Ireland George Best
AMF.png Bopan Croatia Zvonimir Boban
AMF.png Miquel Randlef Denmark Michael Laudrup
GK.png Schneitel Denmark Peter Schmeichel
CF.png Stoichlov Bulgaria Hristo Stoichkov
CF.png Suter Croatia Davor Suker
SW.png Blowe France Laurent Blanc

[edit] Other 2

Pos. Fake Name Name
DMF.png Efenvoltz Germany Stefan Effenberg
CF.png Mtola Cameroon Patrick Mboma
CB.png Legus France Frank Leboeuf
AMF.png Prosimeski Croatia Robert Prosinecki
CF.png Azpnira Colombia Faustino Asprilla
CF.png Ramaelli Italy Fabrizio Ravanelli
CB.png Kiruon England Martin Keown
DMF.png Poolit France Emmanuel Petit
CF.png Rona Kira Cameroon Roger Milla
CF.png Dowglish Scotland Kenny Dalglish
CF.png Deic Lone Scotland Denis Law
GK.png Proloom Belgium Michel Preud'homme
GK.png Tammaral Brazil Claudio Taffarel
DMF.png Parl Solca Portugal Paulo Sousa
AMF.png Rasi Brazil Rai
CF.png Pepeti Brazil Bebeto
AMF.png Hati Romania Gheorghe Hagi
AMF.png Leomaro Brazil Leonardo
AMF.png Otera Argentina Ariel Ortega
CF.png Iwam Russel Wales Ian Rush
AMF.png Frankescali Uruguay Enzo Francescoli
AMF.png Bnomin Sweden Tomas Brolin
AMF.png Scihon Belgium Enzo Scifo
DMF.png Dungo Brazil Dunga
AMF.png Baneer Spain Jose Maria Bakero
GK.png Label Sweden Thomas Ravelli
WF.png Lemtiel Italy Gianluigi Lentini
CF.png Maggare Italy Daniele Massaro
CF.png Bolsic Croatia Alen Boksic
CF.png Huno Sanquez Mexico Hugo Sanchez
DMF.png Desam France Didier Deschamps
GK.png Itsmona Germany Bodo Illgner

[edit] Other 3

Pos. Fake Name Name
CF.png Bilatoff Germany Oliver Bierhoff
CF.png Lardorock Denmark Brian Laudrup
AMF.png Hejumok Austria Andreas Herzog
CF.png Simonsa Italy Marco Simone
CB.png Bermutez Colombia Jorge Bermudez
CF.png Delmato Argentina Marcelo Delgado
CF.png Eminerson Brazil Ewerthon
CF.png Elimelto Brazil Edmundo
WF.png Eliuton Brazil Edilson
AMF.png Ronadoni Argentina Leandro Romagnoli
CB.png Camurano Spain Jose Luis Caminero
CF.png Vnaovic Croatia Goran Vlaovic
CF.png Shilecon England Teddy Sheringham
AMF.png R. De Mole Netherlands Ronald de Boer
SMF.png Guscat Lomero Argentina Gustavo Lopez
SMF.png Jelimi Spain Jesuli
SB.png Tarokki Italy Mauro Tassotti
CF.png Dalshir Sweden Martin Dahlin
AMF.png Wilnock Belgium Marc Wilmots
CF.png Kena Antenon Sweden Kennet Andersson
AMF.png Gianpaas Italy Giuseppe Giannini
GK.png Hijire Colombia Rene Higuita
CF.png Zaromano Chile Ivan Zamorano
GK.png Silrun England David Seaman
AMF.png Vardrana Colombia Carlos Valderrama
WF.png Begrstaron Spain Txiki Beguiristain
GK.png Jemmings Northern Ireland Pat Jennings
GK.png Cambos Mexico Jorge Campos
SW.png Potelk Romania Gheorghe Popescu
AMF.png Balanov Bulgaria Krassimir Balakov
CF.png Kiteel Netherlands Wim Kieft
CB.png Ferraro Spain Albert Ferrer

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