Up On The Downside

Up On The Downside was a rock song released by English band Ocean Colour Scene on their album Mechanical Wonder which was released in 2001. The song was featured in the PES 2010 play-list. It can be found under the section "Library" in Gallery → Playlist Editor.

[edit] Lyrics

This England made me
Between the war and the rockets flying
And from the crib it saves me
And teach me wrong and right
The world was talking
It never got its chance to say
When there's too much talking
Nobody hears the words you say

You won't see
And baby, now I won't hear
These blind communications
Only last throughout the year
And half of what we're saying
Is halfway inner truth
And blind communications
For a million hearts and fools

I am a witness
To a land of a million fools
All placing bets on life
Then hate the ones who lose
And all who're lonely
Never get the chance to say
That their one and only
Would be the chance to even play

Repeat Chorus

Hello Monday
The weekend's just a blur
I've been burning bridges
And now I'm begging at your door
So I keep on working
'Cause it's a chance for me to pay
For too much talking
When you believe the words I say

Repeat Chorus

[edit] Video

An official video for the song can be found here:

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