User:Dion ks 11

Dion ks 11
Name Dion Spring
Age 17
Nation SouthAfricaFlag.png South Africa
Position AMF, SS, RWF
Club Squad No. 22
Nation Squad No. -
Key stats -
Previous Clubs None

Hey there! I'm Dion so dunno what to write exactly but I'll go straight into the formalities...

If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, you can use the Sandbox to check your editing skills. Just dont forget to delete or cut the information you used to keep it neat.

What I am doing list

English Premier League - Monitor, update teams and make sure Chelsea's manager is up to date what else oh thats it..
La Liga - Monitor, update team's pages and make 'em more detailed
UEFA Champions League - Edit/Create team pages of new teams who will be on PES through the Champions League and add squad lists. Then create players.


  • All League Pages have Club Pages linking to them [ ]
  • All Club Pages are made and have Squad Lists [ ]
  • All Squad Lists are filled out with players [ ]
  • All lonely/unlinked pages get linked [ ]
  • All player pages are synced with their team pages [ ]

You can always check the PES 2015 forum if you want to talk to someone or me. The Football Forum and lounge are fun, have a look! I insist. DO IT!!! Just kidding, but seriously have a look.