Username Hoppyfred
Occupation Student
Nation EnglandFlag.png England
Location Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England
Total Posts on Neoseeker Forums 99 (March 23 2010)
Joined Feb 2010
IQ 42
Favourite Clubs Manchester United

Walsall FC Notts County

Hoppyfred is the newest but also most active member on the PES 2010 PSP Forums (largely because the forum is dead). He goes by the pseudonym Hoppyfred for no paticular reason other than he uses it for several forums. He first came up with the name on a spur of the moment.

Amazingly, despite not owning PES 2010 Wii, Hoppyfred holds 25% of the PES 2010 Neoseeker Wii Forum posts.



Hoppyfred registered for the forum on the 7th February 2010. He made an instant impact with his epic posts and legendary sense of humour (and of course, most of all, his humbling modesty).

International Managing Career

Hoppyfred bravely took up the mantle for Portugal following from the much publicised dismissal of Carlos Queiroz after Quieroz admitted to Hello! magazine that: "I'm actually two midgets who have been surgically attatched."

Hoppyfred pledged to "...change the way this stupid...county views football," and was immediately fired. However, after convincing the Portuguese Football Federation that it was a translation mistake by Google Translate, he was re-hired, and in his statement to the Portuguese press, he said: "I'm glad this mix up is over. Now I can concentrate on UEFA Champions League glory."

Despite this worrying lack of basic knowledge on football tournaments, Hoppyfred was offered a second coaching job by Nigeria after their coach refused to take a 90% pay cut. Of course, Hoppyfred had no qualms at a working pay rate of 12 pence per hour, and gladly took up the job.

Controversially, Hoppyfred's first act as Portugal Coach (after being re-instated) was to strip Cristiano Ronaldo of the captaincy.

Expectations were high, and Hoppyfred himself was quoted as saying that "...although the competition is good, I am confident that both Nigeria and Portugal will be promoted from the Coca-Cola League.

Sadly, both Nigeria and Portugal finished third in the group stages of the 2010 World Cup and were subsequently eliminated. Hoppyfred blamed the unfortunate results on "that guy who turned out to be two midgets...he kept putting off my players."

Current Squads


Pos. Name Information
GK.png Quim
SB.png Boswinga Deputy-Assistant-Vice-Captain
CB.png Ricardo Carvalho Vice-Captain
CB.png Pepe
SB.png Miguel
CMF.png Deco Captain
SMF.png Quaresma Junior-Deputy-Assistant-Vice-Captain
SMF.png Simao
AMF.png Danny
SS.png Cristiano Ronaldo Assistant-Vice-Captain
CF.png Nuno Gomes
GK.png Rui Patricio
CB.png Fernando Meira
SB.png Paulo Ferreira
CMF.png Miguel Veloso
WF.png Nani
CF.png Silvestre Varela

His Portugal squad can also be found here and his Nigeria squad can be found here.