Viktoria Plzen

Viktoria Plzen
Club Name FC Viktoria Plzeň
Nickname(s) Viktorka
Founded 1911
Stadium Štruncovy Sady
Manager Czech Republic Pavel Vrba
Division Gambrinus liga

Viktoria Plzen (pronounced VIC-toria PL-zen) is a top division Czech team who have recently been able to qualify for the Champions League and Europa League.

[edit] PES 2012

After beating Sparta Prague to the Grambinus liga in the 2010/11, Plzen qualified for the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League. Hence debuting in this edition.

[edit] PES 2013

Once again Viktoria Plzen appeared in PES 2013 after finishing third behind Slovan Liberec and Sparta Prague in the Grambinus liga. This was enough to take Plzen to the Europa League

[edit] Current Squad

Pos. Name Information
GK.png SlovakiaFlag.png Matúš Kozáčik
CB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Lukáš Hejda
CB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Ondřej Chocholoušek
RB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Roman Hubník
SMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Tomáš Hořava
CF.png SlovakiaFlag.png Michal Ďuriš
LB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png David Limberský
CF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Stanislav Tecl
CF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Matěj Končal
AMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Pavel Horváth Captain
GK.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Petr Bolek
CB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Radim Řezník
CF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Tomáš Wágner
LMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Jan Kovařík
LB.png BosniaFlag.png Mladen Veselinović
DMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Václav Procházka
CF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Michael Krmenčík
SS.png SlovakiaFlag.png Marek Bakoš
CMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Martin Pospíšil
CB.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Zdeněk Koukal
SMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Daniel Kolář
RMF.png CzechRepublicFlag.png František Rajtoral
CB.png SlovakiaFlag.png Marián Čišovský
GK.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Martin Ticháček
GK.png CzechRepublicFlag.png Roman Pavlík
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