Wilfred Bouma

Wilfred Bouma
Name Wilfred Bouma
Age 36
Nation NetherlandsFlag.png Netherlands
Position CB, SB, WB
Club Squad No. 18
Nation Squad No.
Key stats (PES 2009) Defence - 80
Body Balance - 84
Stamina - 81
Previous Clubs Aston Villa

Wilfred Bouma is a Dutch defender playing for PSV. Bouma is a very composed defender and can operate at left back if need be.

[edit] PES 2010

In real life, he suffered an 18 month injury which set back his career which is why his stats are likely to decrease rapidly.

[edit] PES 2011

After not playing for almost 2 years due to injury in real life, Bouma returned to his former club PSV and his stats were lowered, especially the physical ones. Bouma has 79 in Body Balance, 77 in Stamina and stats below 75 in Top Speed, Acceleration and Response, making him a mediocre defender considering the rating of 3 in Condition and a an injury proneness of C.

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