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[edit] World Tour

The World Tour is a new Game Mode available on the PS2 installment of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. A new game mode was a welcome change for many PES users as the previous competitions had begun to become slightly stale. It features many nations that aren't playable such as Uzbekistan, Armenia and Qatar.

[edit] Setup

The World Tour consists of 100 challenges, taking place against teams from all over the world. You choose the team you wish to take on these challenges with, and you begin with the Asia Zone. After you have completed the challenges in a zone, you are taken to a new continent for a new string of tests. Your opponent for each mission is chosen randomly from a set of similar-ability national or club teams depending on the zone you are currently in.

[edit] Challenges

The challenges vary hugely in what conditions you have to fulfil. They can be as simple as 'Win by two goals' or as creative as 'Dribble ball into net'. The second 50 challenges are really just rehashes of the first 50 against different opposition.

[edit] Prizes (may contain spoilers)

At the end of the 100 missions, you are rewarded with PES Points, which can be exchanged for items in the PES Shop (another aspect of PES08 not included in the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions, but included in the PS2 version,) and a congratulatory screen and trophy.

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