Name Ximelez
Age 38
Nation Spain
Position LMF, WB
Club Squad No. 7
Key stats Dribble Accuracy - 84
Long Pass Accuracy - 82
Agility - 75

Ximelez (pronounced HIM-e-lez) is a fictional player playing with the Master League Default Players. He is listed as being Spanish. He is quite good among the defaults but lacks stamina as well as passing his peak.


[edit] PES & PES 2

He was known as Ximenes.

[edit] PES 3

He was given his current name of Ximelez, which has been used in each successive edition of the game.

[edit] PES 2010

His Long Pass Accuracy and Acceleration make him a useful player on the wing, but his low Stamina means that he often needs a late-game sub. His growth curve is in a downswing, with his stats decreasing slightly after each game in most training scenarios.

[edit] PES 2012

Ximelez appears as a manager with a $7,000,000 salary in the Club Boss mode.

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