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Full Name Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira
Age 30
Nation BrazilFlag.png Brazil
Position AMF, SS, SMF, CMF
Club Squad No. 8
Nation Squad No. 21
Key Stats (PES 2011) Acceleration - 85
Agility - 85
Long Pass Speed - 87
Previous Clubs Gremio
FC Porto
Manchester United

Anderson is a Brazilian midfielder who currently plays in Turkey having featured in PES for clubs such as Manchester United and Internacional.

[edit] PES 2009

He has a peak of 94 making him one of the best Master League players alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi. However, some people say that it takes him a long time to fully develop, and this is probably because of his specific development curve.

A lot of gamers criticize Anderson for his lack of body balance, making him quite an easy player to push off the ball and dispossess.

[edit] PES 2010

Despite his young age of 21, he's a very talented youngster. He is your typical playmaker as he has very good passing ability and therefore when played, it is likely that the goals would go through him.

He also has very good speed which the other central midfielders for Man United lack and therefore he'd be a good option to have if you want to attack with pace. He's also a good dribbler with good agility however only accuracy wise; he lacks dribble speed and therefore it's difficult for him to break through some defences.

He has good technique, which leads to him being able to control difficult passes. He's also a mediocre free kick taker however is still a possibility with them. He's a versatile player and can play in 4 different positions while also being able to play on both sides.

He has decent stamina however he also lacks strength and therefore can be knocked off the ball quite easily and may also struggle to last the full game due to his position. Another weakness is that his shot accuracy is dismal and therefore it will be rare for him to score and because of this, he would not be an ideal player if you want a goal scoring midfielder. In addition, he's very poor in the air as he lacks jump and heading ability.

He has the skill cards Passer, Outside Curve and Cross Over Turn, which makes him a better play maker while adding a touch of skill to his game.

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