Classic Argentina

Classic Argentina
Players Era 1970s/1980s/1990s
Real Nation Argentina
Continent South America

Classic Argentina are an unlockable team after the World Cup is beaten with Argentina. Their squad consists of great Argentine players of the past who have now retired from professional football. The goals are likely to come from the two forwards Diego Maradona and Gabriel Batistuta. Other players of note are the heavily-capped Diego Simeone, centre back Daniel Passarella and substitute striker Jorge Valdano.

The players in the squad have fake names due to licensing issues so in order to tell which player is which they need to be changed to their correct names. It must also be noted that none of the players bear any resemblance to their real life counterparts so Maradona is black for example.

[edit] PES 2

In this edition, the team is named Always Argentina and can be unlocked by winning the American Cup as Argentina.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. Fake Name Name
GK.png Pulzato Nery Pumpido
CB.png Runzal Oscar Ruggeri
SW.png Semini Roberto Sensini
CB.png Chiero Jose Chamot
DMF.png Siljome Diego Simeone
DMF.png Rogueiro Fernando Redondo
RWF.png Camirra Claudio Caniggia
LMF.png Guly Lomer Gustavo Lopez
SS.png Malgani Diego Maradona
CF.png Querant Mario Kempes
CF.png Baquistata Gabriel Batistuta
GK.png Ferem Ubaldo Fillol
SW.png Palteza Daniel Passarella
CB.png Amoni Roberto Ayala
LB.png Soim Juan Pablo Sorin
RB.png Curalle Jose Luis Cuciuffo
DMF.png Barenqua Sergio Batista
DMF.png Calassi Americo Gallego
CMF.png Anlleroz Osvaldo Ardiles
CMF.png Vueton Juan Sebastian Veron
CF.png Bazqueni Jorge Valdano
CF.png Dioraz Ramon Diaz
CF.png Bolibo Abel Balbo

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