Classic Italy

Classic Italy
Players Era 1990s
Real Nation Italy
Continent Europe

Classic Italy are an unlockable team after the World Cup is beaten with Italy. Their squad consists of great Italian players of the past who have now retired from professional football. Their main players are Roberto Baggio (no relation to Dino Baggio), Roberto Di Matteo, Roberto Donadoni, Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Mancini.

The players in the squad have fake names due to licensing issues so in order to tell which player is which they need to be changed to their correct names.

[edit] PES 2

In this edition, the team is named Immortal Italy and can be unlocked by winning the European Cup as Italy.

[edit] PES 2013 Squad

Pos. Fake Name Name
GK.png Zoru Dino Zoff
CB.png Corsacoupe Alessandro Costacurta
SW.png Baroini Franco Baresi
CB.png Benboli Giuseppe Bergomi
CB.png Majuzheni Paolo Maldini
DMF.png Dinmo Bratto Dino Baggio
DMF.png Almelini Demetrio Albertini
RMF.png Besnola Nicola Berti
RWF.png Doramore Roberto Donadoni
SS.png Lon Barron Roberto Baggio
CF.png Verroni Gianluca Vialli
GK.png Zervbo Walter Zenga
GK.png Palunca Gianluca Pagliuca
CB.png Flio Camarano Fabio Cannavaro
CB.png Fenorra Ciro Ferrara
CMF.png Taugani Marco Tardelli
RMF.png De Libro Angelo Di Livio
SS.png Maroghi Roberto Mancini
SS.png Sorua Gianfranco Zola
CF.png Vileni Christian Vieri
CF.png Fil Ilsaci Filippo Inzaghi
CF.png Caccili Pierluigi Casiraghi
CF.png Loggu Paolo Rossi

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