Davide Santon

Davide Santon
Name Davide Santon
Age 27
Nation ItalyFlag.png Italy
Position LB, CB, RB
Club Squad No. 3
Nation Squad No.
Key stats Stamina - 82
Top Speed - 81
Acceleration - 81
Previous Clubs Cesena
Inter Milan

Davide Santon is an Italian international full back who plays for Newcastle.

One advantage that he has over other attacking full backs is his height, where he stands at 1.87 metres, which can give you an option as a player to go up for the corners.


[edit] PES 2009

He isn't in the original Inter squad in PES 2009 but is included after the February Update. He starts off as a fairly poor player with decent physicals, dribbling and passing. He does however have a huge potential and he's well worth signing in Master League as he has a long lasting peak at 90.

[edit] PES 2010

In PES 2010 he is rewarded with a preset face because of being a revelation in the 2008/09 season, and because of his involvement with the Italian Squad on the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009.

He is now a very important player on Inter's starting XI, occupying the right back position. He also receives a stat boost with the majority of his stats increasing by roughly 4 points.

He has the skill card Man Marking which will improve his defensive play.

[edit] PES 2011

Moving onwards to PES 2011, he sees a small increase in his physical stats, mostly to his Acceleration and Dribble Speed which rose a few points. Becoming a year older, perhaps didn't largely improve his attributes but he still has a good potential and would be a recommended signing in Master League, due to him being easily acquired through either purchasing or loaning.

He also retains his Man Marking skill card.

[edit] Real Life

In real life he has also had a fair share of first team appearances along with Balotelli back in 2009 because of injuries and quick development.

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[edit] Real Life

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[edit] PES 2012

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