Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard
Name Eden Hazard
Age 27
Nation BelgiumFlag.png Belgium
Position LMF, AMF, LWF, SS
Club Squad No. 10
Nation Squad No. 10
Key stats (PES 2015) Explosive Power - 92
Dribbling - 92
Elusiveness - 91
Ball Control - 91
Penetration - 91
Previous Clubs Lille osc.png Lille

Eden Hazard is a Belgian midfielder playing for Chelsea in the Premier League.


[edit] PES 2010

Hazard features in the Lille squad as a promising teenager but has fairly average stats. However following the November Update he was given a stat boost making him a must-buy in Master League.

He was along with many other Belgians who were updated such as Moussa Dembele and Thomas Vermaelen.

[edit] PES 2012

It is likely that Hazard could be playing for a top European club after the summer. He is a hot prospect and is highly sought after much like his Belgian team mate Romelu Lukaku.

[edit] PES 2013

In real life Hazard joined Chelsea for £32 million from Lille in the summer. His overall rating is 89 overall in his default LMF. He is a must buy in Master League as he is young and his overall peaks well above 90 in a few seasons.

He is one of the best young master league players. Within 5 years, some of his stats (such as Elusiveness,Penetration and Dribbling) can reach a 99 rating while a few (such as, Dribble Speed, Explosive Power and Speed & Agility) may reach a 98 rating.

[edit] PES 2014

He is given a stat raise in this edition and is now has an overall rating of 93 in his default LMF position. He is pivotal to the Chelsea team. Hazard is extremely quick of the mark and can beat defenders with relative ease,

He is reliable in front of goal when presented with the opportunity and his 84 Shooting stat means he should finish the majority of chances that come his way. In Master League, Hazard is arguably the best player you can buy due to his high overall and his young age of 22 means he has many years left to peak, You should see his overall peak at 99 making him the best player on the game.

[edit] PES 2015

After a poor performance in the 2013/14 season, Hazard is given a stat drop to 89 overall in his default LMF position. He still has immense potential. And can easily return to a 93 overall or even higher,

Hazard Still has a very high Attacking prowess at 89 and is exteremly quick with 92 Explosive power and 89 Speed, He is also a very accurate passer with 88 Low passing (short Passing) and 85 Lofted Passing, Thus meaning he is very good at crossing from wide areas but can also play accurate short passing when in tigher areas on the pitch,In Master League Hazard still remains a very good player to buy although he is very expensive as he is a pivitol player in the Chelsea team. He can easily grow to the 90's and beyond with playing time.

[edit] PES 2016

In PES 2016 Hazard remains at 89 Overall and see's many of his stats from the previous game stay the same, Despite his impressive Performances in Chelsea's title winning campaign.

Hazard does however increase by 1 stat in Dribbling meaning he now has 93 Dribbling and he also increases by 1 stat in Ball Control meaning he now has 92 Ball Control, His finishing stat also increases by 1 stat point going from 84 to 85. In Master League Hazard still has incredible potential and is a must buy, if you have the funds to buy him he will be very expensive.

[edit] PES 2017

After a very poor season Hazard decreases from 89 Overall to an 87, Many of his stats take a hit and have declined,

His passing stats have taken a huge decrease, Low passing is down from 88 to 83 and Lofted passing is down from 84 to 79 and Finishing is down from 85 to 80, In Master League Hazard does still have a very good potential and is still only 26 meaning he has many years ahead of him, He can see his overall rise into the 90s before declining again when he reaches his mid 30's.

[edit] Trivia

  • Eden has a younger brother, Thorgan Hazard who also plays football.

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