Firas Al Khatib

Firas Al Khatib
Al Khatib.JPG
Name Firas Mohamad Al Khatib
Age 35
Nation SyriaFlag.png Syria
Position SS, AMF
Club Squad No. 50
Nation Squad No. 10
Key stats (PES 2012) Dribble Accuracy - 84
Free Kick Accuracy - 80
Explosive Power - 80
Previous Clubs

Firas Al Khatib is a Syrian striker currently playing for Qadsia SC in the Kuwaiti Premier League.

[edit] PES 2010

Al Khatib makes his debut in the PES series with the Syria national team under the fake name of An Madab. Al Khatib features fairly average stats but is considered one of the better players in the national squad. As he plays for a club not included in PES he appears in the youth teams of squads in Master League and can be known to have a brilliant development.

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