International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution

International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution
Platform(s) Playstation
Release date
EU: May 1999
NA: 6 June 2000
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 3+
Media Optical disk

ISS Pro Evolution (Winning Eleven 4 in Japan) is the third video game in ISS Pro series developed exclusively for the PlayStation by Konami.

[edit] Features

  • The number of international teams has been increased. The teams still are not licensed although they have their original home, away and goalkeeper kits with emblems and logos resembling their official emblems.
  • Like ISS Pro 98, player names are misspelled but most of them sound right while pronouncing the names, such as Nigel Martyn being known in the game as 'Martin' (the unlicensed name has the same pronunciation as the real name). However some players had real names. These players include Rafael Marquez, Sol Campbell, David Regis and Maik Taylor. Each team consisted of 22 players.
  • For the very first time club teams have been included along with national teams, however they could be played only in new mode Master League, unless you had exported team on the memory card.
  • Just like national teams, the club teams consisted of 22 players. The line-ups were built to reflect the actual squads as of the 1998-99 season, as well as uniforms.

[edit] Master League

One of the main new features of ISS Pro Evolution is a new game mode named the Master League. The Master League is an exclusive league consisting of 16 club teams included in the game reflecting the best European clubs of that time. Regardless which team you choose to play its squad will be replaced with the Master League Default Players.

The idea of the Master League, beside winning the whole competition, is to complete a squad with real players on terms of transfers. The transfers are based on exchanging players for points you gain according to your match record, which is calculated accordingly to the results achieved - a victory equals 8 points and a draw gains 4 points. Bonus points depending on the goal difference at the end of the match are added to the total point score as well (the bonus is adjusted to the difficulty of the Master League thus goal difference on the hard difficulty level is multiplied by 2).

Upon completion of the Master League, due to the lack of different divisions, clubs are not promoted or relegated, regardless of their finishing position. Instead, the Master League begins from the start, and all players acquired from transfers are kept in the player's squad, and the player can continue playing the Master League to eventually buy more players with their acquired points until the player has finally created their desired squad, since the Master League never actually finishes and always loops after all matches have been played.

The player's squad can be exported outside of the Master League for use in other game modes such as the Training Mode and Exhibition matches.

The Master League game mode is present in every subsequent version in the ISS and PES series. In successive versions of the series, throughout many modifications and improvements, the later versions of the Master League differ a lot from the original Master League used in ISS Pro Evolution, since the newer PES games are an emulation of a whole season with promotions and relegations being added due to new divisions, rather than having only one division.[1]

[edit] Teams in the Master League

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